GREGORY LAWSON | President / Lead Producer

JOSEPH VONDERLINDEN | Co-Founder / Lead Game Developer

MARIE STORY | Art Director

SPENCER TUEL | Head of Story


Edensky Studios is an indie gaming company that develops original 3D titles using cinematic storytelling elements - Edensky was founded in 2017 by Animation Producer and Director Gregory Lawson.

Before switching to, or even the idea of creating video games remotely existed, the studio was deep into the development of 2D animated short films and pitch materials for online television platforms. We funded our animated stories and dreams through our day jobs, and more recently, some of us have even left those jobs to commit to the studio full-time.

We spent several years through the fascinating adventure that is developing original content within the 2D animation industry. We soon realized something about our work was missing, there was a voice within ourselves that was being suppressed. We ultimately, as a small studio, had to make the decision whether to continue pursuing 2D animation or completely follow our intuition and move forward - Even if that meant starting all over again.

Months after that pivotal decision we decided to strategically alter our course towards what we love most, what would better engineer our wild imaginations, and most importantly guide our Creative Compasses: Creating Video Games.