Dash Hounds June Update:

The development for Dash Hounds is well underway, with much in store for all of you.

Currently we are focusing on two critical aspects to the games current developmental success, as well as one long-term:

  • The complete story of Dash Hounds

  • Dash Hounds IndieGoGo Campaign for late summer of 2019.

    • Long-Term: Setting up Dash Hounds for Unreal Engine Development and all other necessary mechanics.

To elaborate more on the basic story outline of Dash Hounds, I will share with you an extended synopsis:

  • Dash Hounds is a story-driven, RPG where humanity now thrives in a dog’s world.

    • The story takes place in a fictional world into the future where dog’s are more than just man’s best friend. For centuries, the world has praised these animals to where our motives now serve their well-being!

    • The initial beginning of the game will take place in the small town of Barkwood, where the young Player (You) will be accompanied by your best friend who also lives right next door on your street. After watching your best friend win their first competition from the stands, a pivotal moment occurs where now your character wants to begin their journey. But in order to be the best, you’ve got to train like the best. But first, you need a dog..

    • Your neighborhood is full of youngsters who share the same dream, which is to become the greatest trainer of all time. After rescuing your first dog, Rivalry quickly ensues throughout the games Seasons. In order to progress throughout the game, you must complete quests, challenges, and strengthen your breeds as much as possible to pave your journey to becoming the Greatest.

  • Dash Hounds’ story will be divided into Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

    • Each Season will unlock new quests, characters, rare breeds, accessories and much more, which you may utilize to progress throughout the story.

    • As all four Seasons pass by throughout gameplay, so do the years in the game. You will be able to not only watch the characters grow emotionally and in strength, but physically as Seasons go by.

      • This feature will be elaborated on more in the future. The actual timeline/game mechanics to deliver these features in detail are yet to be determined..

    • The game will deliver beautiful scenery, accessories, and Holiday themed events tailored for each Season.

Dash Hounds IndieGoGo Campaign Update:

Our IndieGoGo Campaign release date has yet to be determined, but we are pushing for a late July/early August approach.

We are shooting our Campaign video in the coming weeks, so there will be plenty of Behind-The-Scenes material posted as well as other bonus features included!

We will release updates and additional content over the next several weeks leading up to our IndieGoGo Campaign release.

Until then, thank you for reading!

- Gregg

Gregory LawsonComment