Dash Hounds | The Final Indiegogo Update

**This message was originally posted on our Indiegogo Campaign.**

With only 10 days left of our campaign, we would like to take a moment to be honest with all of our backers.

We realize not only that our campaign’s financial goals were excessively high, but also the campaign overall just couldn't meet our audience in the way we had originally hoped for and worked hard to accomplish. So with that being said, we would like to offer our backers with two options that we believe will be as fair as possible as we wrap up this campaign.


Deal 1: 

Your current contributions to our perks will roll-over to our next upcoming campaign.
(Campaign Date TBA)

- This will allow you to not only keep the same perks next time around, but we will also utilize your current contributions solely for the production of the game.

- This will increase the waiting period of your perk.


Deal 2:

We can offer you a refund right away.

- To learn more about refunds, click here.

Once our campaign ends in 10 days, you are NOT ELIGIBLE for a refund per Indiegogo rules. So we advise you request a refund immediately.


Dash Hounds Indiegogo Campaign Link:


What does this mean moving forward?

Due to the challenges encountered in recent weeks, we collectively as a team decided to revise our strategy and plans for the future of Dash Hounds.

We decided to switch the platform of Dash Hounds to Mobile instead of PC and work hard to re-write much of the original story. Why? We wanted to condense this games structure and story with a much simpler introduction to the world - Island Rescue is more of a short-precursor to the original game we had intended to create. This decision will shorten the length of development, costs, and allow us to explore new ways to enhance our mobile gameplay experience for our users and build a community.

Once we are prepared next time around, we will be launching a newer crowdfunding campaign with a much more reasonable financial goal. Our perks will relatively remain the same! (Crowdfunding release dates TBA)

Dash Hounds: Island Rescue will be under development for Mobile platforms in the next year. Information on the newer development will be released in the coming months through social media.

Instagram | @edenskystudios / @dashhoundsofficial

Twitter | @EdenskyStudios

As we countdown the days until the end of the campaign, we've learned many valuable lessons along the way that we will take to heart and improve on for our next campaign. We’ve learned what it takes to build and commit through campaign planning, engaging consistently during the life of a live campaign, what goes into solidifying a strong community before campaign launches, and including more details of the game such as pre-viz artwork, gameplay, and behind the scenes development.

Again, thank you for all of your contributions and positive support. It is never easy to admit any defeat after you’ve poured everything you’ve got into a project, especially with numerous teammates and individuals investing themselves in you. However this doesn’t mean this is over. We are a studio that commits and pushes through, and never gives up!

We love you.

As always, talk soon,


- Gregg

Gregory LawsonComment