Behind The Scenes | Dash Hounds Introductory Campaign Video

This past weekend we got to do something very unique and fun for our upcoming IndieGoGo Campaign.

Joe Vonderlinden, our Co-Founder and Lead Developer, and I had the opportunity to rally together a commercial crew to produce a campaign video for our upcoming crowdfunding release at the end of July.

It was an incredible, and surreal experience as we hit a huge company milestone that day as we’ve done nothing like this before on this scale of quality. We highly believe in our games potential, and wanted to present it’s introduction in the upmost quality we could. If it wasn’t for the expertise, troubleshooting methods from the crew, and overall relaxed environment we would have had a much different experience.

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves in the sense of how we can better verbally carry our studios mission and visually make a presence. It is a much different experience expressing to the camera what you’ve spent weeks writing then it is reciting it to yourself in practice! We are sure we will do many more interviews and videos similar to this in the future - It was a blast!

Below are some behind the scene images of that day - Please scroll screen-right to see more!

We will also be posting some behind the scenes video on our Instagram and Facebook page too | @edenskystudios

- Gregg

Crew Creds:

Landon Brands - Camera & Lighting

Ryan Graff - Production Sound Mixer

A great thanks to our friends who lent their home to us all day to make this production possible!

- Gregg

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