Welcome to Edensky Studios!

Today we are celebrating the debut of our brand new website, as well as what is to come for the studio in the near future!

We will be releasing Edensky news monthly, as well as behind the scenes posts through our blog found here and social media!

You can find us on:

Instagram | @edenskystudios

Facebook | @edenskystudios

Throughout the next few months, we will also be performing much needed website maintenance insuring our site is always up to date for your convenience.

Updates to look out for:

  • Community Forums

    • So we can actively engage, and help build a successful game together!

  • Edensky Blog & Updates

    • We care about what we do so much, we want to document as much as we can so we can not only expose our creative process, but also give you a glimpse into who we are as creators and people! Transparency is crucial!

  • Dash Hounds Updates

    • As we develop our new PC game, we will be releasing may updates on it’s progress, achievements, as well as behind the scenes and art/designs. Cannot be more excited to share this adventure with you when released!

There will be many more updates down the pipeline. Thank you for taking the time to check our page out!

Talk soon!

-Gregg Lawson